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Fiori Fresh Towels

All new fresh and fragrance bathing experience with innovative range of “FIORI FRESH TOWEL” made by MONTAC LIFESTYLE


  •  SUPER SOFT : Envelope yourself in truly unparallel comfort with super soft feel and texture similar to a blend of silk. Made with 100% super soft cotton fibre.
  •  FULLY ABSORBENT : Hydrophilic cotton fibre gives highest level of absorption and wipes softly.
  •  FRAGRANCE THERAPY:  Encapsulation of “Dream Flower” fragrance, helps to turn into good mood and gives elegant bathing experience. Fragrance, which last for many home laundering.
  •  ANTIBACTERIAL: Infused with patented Silver technology, which can ght odor causing harmful bacterials and keeps Fresh!!
  •  BREATHABLE: Cotton bre can absorb and evaporate sweat/water in a split of a second. Stay comfortable whatever the weather; keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.
    BATH TOWEL : 75 X 150 CM
    HAND TOWEL : 80 X 40 CM
    FACE TOWEL : 30 X 30 CM

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