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Bamboo Socks

    These long-lasting premium socks are breathable, A cross section of the bamboo fiber reveals various micro-gaps and holes. This unique structure assists with the moisture absorption and ventilation, allowing bamboo socks to wick the moisture away.

    Made of bamboo fiber. Bamboo fiber has the property of antibacterial and will help with many odour problems. Also it makes the socks breathable absorbent, antibacterial, deodorant and durable to keep your feet dry and cool. Bamboo fiber is more durable than cotton, and more comfortable and Odour resistant than polyester.

    At a microscopic level, bamboo fiber has a round and smooth surface. Because of this, it's very smooth and sits perfectly next to the skin. Bamboo is also a great choice for sensitive or allergy prone skin, made from fibers that are round and smoother than other fabrics causing less irritation Suitable for many occasions formal & informal Machine Washable Best socks to keep feet cool and dry.But Please feel the sock, its much more soft and silk like feeling than cotton sock. The fiber is Silky, you could tell is bamboo not cotton.


    •  Antibacterial & odour free.
    •  Breathable & dry and cool.

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