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Montac lifestyle produces sustainable products that are beautiful, high quality and durable.

Provide comfort and quality products

At Montac lifestyle, we take a fresh and modern approach to design, combining high quality with a great concern for sustainability in both material and processing: With the promotion of sustainable luxury and sportswear we want to create products that are stylish, effective and environmentally friendly.

Montac lifestyle produces products for everyday use. With a focus on sustainable innovation and our commitment to adapt long term, we work hard to optimise our business model while reducing the negative impact of daily consumerism on the planet.

Know the Manufacturing Process

Montac is having state of Art Manufacturing facility at RK Nagar, Shahapur Ichakaranji (Maharashtra), India. The mentioned manufacturing facility is equipped with high-speed modern machinery for Socks, Terry towels, personal health care, and hospital clothing manufacturing. The mentioned facility is ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) And Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) certified. While products manufactured are certified with CE. The total capacity of the plant size is more than 2 Mio pieces per Annum.


We're expanding to a large audience

We believe when choosing eco-products that should be not only sustainably, but also safe for our health, the environment and low impact on nature. We are changing the traditional production model of goods - reducing the use of harmful and natural resources by developing ecofriendly, but nonetheless practical and beautiful products.

Check out our products to discover sustainable alternatives to everyday products and learn more about what you can do to make a difference. Be part of the change!